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Pirate's Cove Scented Soy Melting Tarts

Te-Embers Soy Candles

  • $ 500

This secret cave scented of rare spices, dried beach wood and the legends of sunken treasure plundered from famous cargo ships is still used by skivy pirates.

Natural soy melting tarts hand poured into a clamshell and dyed a muddy yellow like a mossy doubloon.

Soy wax burns longer than paraffin wax, holds more fragrance, and is farmed in country, washes clean with warm water, and it's biodegradable.

Tarts give a lovely home ambience without having a flame. A candlelight has its beauty too, but if you have pets, children, or even live in a dorm room then these are perfect!

These weigh 3oz and are easy to crack apart. Just remove the whole tart and pop one or two of the squares in your melt warmer and be happy!
If you have any questions about the scents, just ask!

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