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Tavern Tales

Hello, I'm Toni Brasic, the creative force and distributor behind TeEmbers.

I've wanted to make candles for a long time before I opened my shop, and after dabbling in scents and coming up with awesome smelling combinations, I decided to open a shop to share all my candle creations.

Though there are so many shops that sell candles, I feel that most candles don't have a personality. I've been looking for scents that you can imagine have a story behind it. As the jars the candles are poured into, seem to only get interesting around Halloween, like you cant have classy gothic decor without googly-eyed bats.

So I went on to make myself some unique candles, in which I pour them into mason jars and pretty stuff I find at thrift shops. What makes them unique is I will take a combination of candle scents that I think will go well together and I make a candle with that, creating a brand new scent that you can't find anywhere else. My candles are inspired by the tropics, pirates, and classic storybooks.