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Te-Embers Halloween Sale 2015

Posted by Toni Brasic on

Hello everyone! Having an awesome October so far?

I'm having a Halloween sale on all my candles and tarts, except the ones in the Recovered Rarities category. They are 31% off the final wrap price, and of course I have free shipping! I know "31" is such an uneven number for a sale percentage, but that's how I do these things. It's the date of Halloween, like Friday the 13th. In which I am having another sale that day too. Yes, I know another sale so close to this one. Well, earlier this year I decided to have a 13% sale on every Friday 13th. Soo... I guess you can count on me having a sale for all those weird dates! :D

Anyway, check these out!

The spring and summer collection,  available even in the cold months. Houses the Candle Cove, Patio Life, and Tropical collections.

The Autumn and Winter Collection. Houses some of the Candle Cove and the Patio Life fragrances, as well as the After Dark Collection. These will definitely get you in the mood for cooler weather.

Fragrances For the Men. No flowers or food scents in this collection, except Toasted 'Mallows, which I feel is the masculine fragrance on the Patio Life.

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