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Candles for Men

Posted by Toni Brasic on

Today I decided to compile a list for you guys.

I don't think many men know that there ARE candles out there for you. I have several candles for you guys, and I even have a few that your wives or girlfriends would like.

 Mint Mojito


These little soy tea lights infused with essential oils, is scented after the real Mojito cocktail. Straight to the point like the famous spy James Bond. This is a bright citrus scent both men and women will like. These are great for the bathroom or anywhere else you need to kill an unpleasant odor.

Toasted 'Mallows

These tea lights will make you want to trek out camping and have 'smores with its dominating smoked wood scent and the subtle scent of marshmallows. Before you light, you can smell the firewood more, and after you light you will smell more of the marshmallow.

Pirate's Cove

This secret cave scented of rare spices, dried beach wood and the legends of sunken treasure plundered from famous cargo ships is still used by skivy pirates. This one both men and women will like.

Wrecked Ship

The Black Flag didn't survive the battle and its time to plunder that ship. The musky scent with rum, sandalwood, and sea salt fills the air.

Captain's Quarters

You check your map and compass in your quarters scented of spicy herbs, parchment, tobacco and leather. Now go out and command your bilge rats. Set sail to pillage and plunder! Nobody's to mess with you, you're the Captain! A very manly scent.


You don't need a specific tea light holder for these, you can make almost anything into a tea light holder as long as its glass and it fits. You can put these in a wine glass or any other drinking glass, a candy dish, or a plate.
Soy wax is farmed in country and is a renewable source. It creates much lets soot than paraffin candles and soy wax and it's easy to wash clean with a little soap and warm water.
My fragrances are phthalate free.
These tea light cups are made from the best UL flame retardant plastic available and wont melt on you

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