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Mermaid Scales DIY

Posted by Toni Brasic on

Ok, so I'm gonna tell you how I got into making this little gem...

A Mermaid Scale.. :D just playing around last night so I decided to snap some photos.

So what you need, go to the craft store and pick of a bag of shells. I got mine around $3-4 at Joanns.

Now you get a few cool ones, but most of them are those small plain white shells. That's fine! Cuz then you can use the little ones for this.

Also pick up a pack of Perfect Pearls. I have Aged Patina...

I used Green Patina for this. The packs will come with their own brushes with this, so don't use them for painting for anything wet, only for the Perfect Pearls powder.

And a couple bottles of paint in sea colors, like aqua blues, greens or coral reds.

I used Teal for this particular shell...

Paint brushes only for painting... yes I know I need new brushes...

Brush on the paint not to heavy, covering all the areas that will show.

Before the paint dries completely, take your patina and dab your dry brush in the tub and lightly pounce it on the shell.

This stuff is a super fine powder, and if your not careful it will get on everything. This will make it super glittery like a scale. I'm definitely gonna post more pictures when I get more done. It's too pretty and fun! :D

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