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Special Candles

Posted by Toni Brasic on

The last set of Shot Glass Candles are up now! I put a lot of thought into the scent I was gonna make these in. They are Honeysuckle Jasmine. These gorgeous gifts can be found HERE.

"These are a lovely floral scent of Honeysuckle Jasmine. Dye free and hand poured with cotton wicks into purple frosted shot glasses. A deep purple that starts from the bottom and fades into a frosty haze toward the top gives these shot glasses a pretty two toned look.

A unique set of candles for you to keep or gift them someone who likes sparkly things. These would be awesome in a wedding setting too!

 They are 4" tall and 1 1/2" wide, and they will burn approximately 12 hours. Burn these in a stable area away from flammable objects and no breeze.

Phthalate free."

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